construction-worker-psd-410811Colorado Roofs Plus is your Denver Roofing Contractor offering our valued services ONLY in the state of Colorado. We provide Free Roof Inspection for any Residential Roof or Commercial Roof in Denver Colorado. At Colorado Roofs Plus we assist homeowners in restoring their home to pre-accident conditions they’re accustomed to. Employing the best licensed Denver Roofing Contractor is essential to maintaining the integrity of your home. Helping homeowners navigate the Roofing Insurance claims process, the construction process and the inspections process is a skill Colorado Roofs Plus has mastered!

We employ the best Denver Roofing Contractor, Damage inspectors, Class A General contractors, and Class D contractors who are all insured in Colorado with $2 million liability insurance minimum. It’s in writing and we prove it before we start any successful roofing project.  We are evolving Roofing in Colorado to the next level by providing pure quality through the roof. Colorado Roofs Plus is the Denver Roofing Contractor of choice form complex Commercial Roofing to Residential Roofing Projects.

Keeping you involved throughout the Roofing Installation process is essential for building the foundation of our relationship. We value our customers and the integrity of every Roof Masterpiece we create! We understand the importance of protecting your home and achieving timely benchmarks to create a smooth transition throughout the Roofing Installation process. Colorado Roofs Plus will go above and beyond when you choose us to be your Denver Roofing Contractor. This will create a positive experience so you know when the material will arrive, contractor schedule and the estimated project completion date.

Standard Roofing jobs typically take 1 day with the majority of Roofing companies. When you choose Colorado Roofs Plus to be your Denver Roofing Contractor you understand why we are valued all over Denver, Colorado. This same Roofing job will take 1 or 2 extra days because we only employee smart  meticulous roofers to ensure the quality and integrity of your roof is never compromised! Our customers praise our quality of work, and stated we are the best Denver Roofing Contractor in Colorado. We specialize in Roofing, Siding, Gutters and Water Mitigation insurance claims. So in the unfortunate event of a flooded basement or new water damage we can move your possessions from the basement and begin our processes. We will eliminate mold or future damage to your property.

Contact Colorado Roofs Plus today to schedule a free, no-obligation roofing estimate. Start your residential or commercial estimate by submitting your contact information. Click here to schedule your Free Roofing Estimate.

Recent Projects

  • Owned and operated in Colorado

    Colorado Roofs Plus is locally owned and operated in Colorado. When you hire your Denver Roofing Contractor make sure you contact Colorado Roofs Plus. We offer Free Roof Inspections for any residential project. We never ask for cash up front. If the insurance company doesn’t approve the claim you pay nothing!

  • Quality, Integrity, Value, and 100% Transparency

    We pride ourselves on our Quality, Integrity, Value, and 100% Transparency. We create an environment to earn your business based on trust, and hope to be your Denver Roofing Contractor for any project. You will receive a Free Damage estimate for Roofing, Siding, & Gutters, with any of our services.

  • Professional, Honest, Articulate

    Our Field Representatives are Professional, Honest, Articulate, and Compassionate at all times.

  • Ranked in the top 10

    With Denver being ranked in the top 10 most damaged areas for hail we understand the need to protect your investment.

  • Weather tracking software

    With up-to-date weather tracking software we are able to pin-point and help identify the date of your loss. This will help when reaching out to your insurance company to initiate the claim process.

Colorado’s Roofs Plus best inspectors inspect the roof for free to determine whether there is enough hail or damage to justify filing a claim. We service the entire Denver Metro area, including Parker, Littleton, Boulder, and surrounding areas.

  • For roofs that do not show enough damage to call your insurance company, we offer a free estimate for repairs anywhere in Colorado.
  • Meet with adjuster to inspect damage and determine which aspects of your house should be on your claim, and how much the cost of the damage will be to replace your roof.
  • Assist you with the claims process, while you pick the color of your new roof.
  • Replace your roof hassle free. Schedule your Free Roof Inspection and experience quality through the roof.
  • We make sure this job passes inspection. We are up to date on all local Ordinances and Laws
  • Only “clean cut” verifiable American Citizens will be at your residence.

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